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            濟南發光字制作時下載一個穿孔字的排版軟件,能把字體排成你想要的任何形狀。那么問題來了,軟件下載好后,到底該如何使用呢?不用擔心,濟南發光字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 小編來教大家使用穿孔字的排版軟件。

            Ji'nan luminous word production to download a perforated word typesetting software, can put the font into the shape you want to. So the problem comes, after the software download, in the end how to use it? Do not worry, Ji'nan light word small series to teach you the use of perforated word typesetting software.


            First: in accordance with the layout of the font borders


            First hit the font, the is curve began to adjust the size of the transformation, can be in the software find toolbar, find the interactive contour tool. At this time, the page will be three small box click on the image and the choice of the number 1. Basically, the fig small word size is 8 mm, characters of size is 10 mm, press the Enter key will appear outline font inward, the mouse is moved to the contour diagram right-click to "split profile group." Click on the "lock object", can give out two 9 mm perforation calligraphy circle.


            Perforation of the word roughly shape out, and select the font in the circle, there will be a number of selected circle, except in 15 equal with lights on. This way you know perforation words cost cost.


            Second: in accordance with the font is full of fast layout method


            In addition to the first to want to operate the method, the method also wants to quickly fill, the next will focus on the introduction of the. To open a blank page, click the work area at this time will appear in the flash of the vertical bar, the required word typed, toolbar to find want tools, select the font, then the mouse moved to "turn into a curve", in step with the similar, but in group layout is slightly different.


            The contents of the above to tell you the way to calculate the price of Ji'nan luminous character, here also, you can tell you the power of the perforated word. That is, the total number of lights multiplied by the price of the color of the lamp, you want to configure the LED power, you can calculate the number of lights in the actual need to power the power of the actual.