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            濟南廣告大字表面光潔度高,戶外抗紫外線能力強,一般高純度的有色板置于戶外8-10年不會褪色。自從1942年在美國誕生后,被各行各業廣泛應用各類專賣店、地鐵、車站、機場、貿易中央、超級市場、銀行、病院、連鎖經營店、飯店酒樓濟南LED顯示屏等……濟南廣告大字受歡迎的原因主要是 :

            Advertising characters in Jinan surface is bright and clean degree high, outdoor ultraviolet ability strong, the general high purity with swatches and put out in the 8-10 years will not fade. Since the birth of the United States in 1942, has been widely used in all walks of life, all kinds of stores, subway, station, airport, trading center, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, chain stores, restaurants Ji'nan LED display, etc....... The main reason for the popularity of Ji'nan advertising:


            1 Ji'nan advertising characters is a unique landscape of the city's night, it is the LED light-emitting diode as a light source.

            2.濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 白天美觀,夜晚亮麗,省電節能,經久耐用的諸多長處面市,就以燎原之勢迅速走紅。

            2. Jinan advertising characters during the day and beautiful, bright night, energy saving, durable long market, to prairie fire quickly became popular.


            3 due to the Ji'nan advertising characters in the evening can play a role in lighting, so it is mainly used in the night work place.


            4 Ji'nan advertising characters, such as mirror, with crystal texture and levels, such as the pearl jade smooth, elegant, elegant, stylish.


            5 Ji'nan advertising characters in the existing plate ranks, and extraordinary feeling quite stand head and shoulders above others. When you summer evening, the sun hidden into the dim haze shrouded the buildings.


            6 as a result of the existence of the Ji'nan advertising, ultra-thin light box to make our lives more colorful night.