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            Ji'nan punching word in our life today is widely used, as a commercial advertisement decoration often can find his shadow. Then perhaps we have often encountered in the life of Ji'nan punching can not work, suddenly not bright, it is very likely to seriously affect our publicity and management. So how should we solve this problem?


            1, is the circuit fault, the frequency of this problem is also the highest. In outdoor also may encounter line aging and other issues. At this time we should check the line, the line problem, to replace the line.

            2、變壓器故障,變壓器是濟南沖孔字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 的心臟,它起著很重要的作用,如果變壓器出現問題,就直接更換變壓器,將其放置在干燥低溫的環境中。如果變壓器負荷過重建議更換更高功率變壓器。

            2, transformer fault, transformer is the heart of the Ji'nan punching word, it plays a very important role, if the transformer is a problem, it is directly replaced the transformer, it is placed in a dry and low temperature environment. If the transformer load is too high, it is recommended to replace a higher power transformer.


            3, LED lamp failure, this situation should be replaced with the same brand of the same type of light.


            4, LED lamp life expires, the proposed replacement of all LED lights, to ensure the future use of.


            For the production of Ji'nan punching word, it is recommended to find the quality and reliable manufacturers for production, reduce the frequency of its failure, reduce the maintenance, so that it better service our life.