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            濟南燈箱制作需要掌握4個要點經過幾道工序、流程—第一選材。 目前國內見到的亞克力板材,基本為進口或中外合資生產,板材質量可以說較好。濟南燈箱制作之所以市場價格較高,板材價格較高是其主要因素之一。

            Ji'nan light box production need to master 4 points after a few steps, process - the first selection. At present, the domestic acrylic sheet to see, basic or joint venture for the import of production, sheet metal quality can be better. Ji'nan light box production market price is higher, the plate is one of the main factors.

            目前市場上亞克力板材單價一般在于5-30元/公斤,不但單價高,造成成本攤銷很大。材料決定之后,緊接著就需要確定適當的燈箱尺寸,需要明確的是:亞克力澆鑄板的長度有限,最大為3-3.5米;亞克力擠出板可用卷材的形式供貨,理論上長度不受限制亞克力擠出板可以制作長度較長的無縫燈箱招牌;如估用亞克力澆鑄板,一般需要拼接尺寸過大的燈箱招牌,在風壓的作用下可能會變形 一般正規的亞克力板材生產商都會提供相應的產品規格。

            Currently on the market price of acrylic sheet generally lies in 5-30 yuan / kg, not only the price is high, resulting in significant cost amortization. Materials after the decision, followed by the need to determine the appropriate box size, the need for a clear acrylic casting plate of finite length, up to a maximum of 3-3.5 meters; acrylic extrusion plate sheet available in the form of supply, theoretically unaffected by the length limit acrylic extrusion plate can be produced for a long long seamless light box signs; as estimated cast acrylic board, generally need to splicing size too large light box signs, deformation regular acrylic sheet manufacturer will provide the corresponding product specification under the action of the wind.

            第二模具制作。 大家知道,亞克力板通過真空定位、吸壓成型,即使是同一個字,尺寸不同也需要不同模具,而濟南燈箱制作本身要求精度高質量好。因為濟南燈箱制作本身的精度、質量直接關系到亞克力產品的質量,而濟南燈箱制作具有較高工藝水平,需要經驗豐富的技術人員。因此,如前所述,目前市場吸塑燈箱一直牌高價位,模具的加工應該說是其中最主要的成本。

            Second mold production. As we all know, acrylic plate through a positioning vacuum, suction pressure molding, even if is the same word, different sizes also need different mold, and Jinan lamp box making itself requires high accuracy and good quality. Because Jinan light box production of precision, quality is directly related to the quality of acrylic products, and Jinan lamp box making has a high level of technology, need experienced technicians. Therefore, as mentioned above, the current market price of plastic light box has been a high price, mold processing should be said to be one of the most important cost.

            第三后期制作。 前面講過,現在濟南燈箱制作 http://www.xubclan.com/ 基本是機械化制作,一些新設備的應用在提高生產效率同時,大減輕了工人的勞動強度。亞克力吸塑材料基本成型后,還要經過銑邊、鏤銑、打磨等幾道工序,最后將燈箱鋪設光源、烤漆后制作完成。

            Third post production. In front said, now Ji'nan light box production is a basic mechanical production, some new equipment used in improving production efficiency, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. After the basic shape of acrylic plastic material, but also after milling, engraving and milling, grinding and other several process. Finally, the laying of light boxes, paint to complete post production.

            第四畫面處理。 根據客戶的不同需要,通過絲網印刷直接將畫面轉印到亞克力板材上,后經真空吸壓成型,其中畫面中有人物或動物或商品形象,還能再吸塑成立體效果,從而得到更加好的宣傳效果。

            Fourth picture processing. According to the different needs of customers, by screen printing directly image transfer to the acrylic sheet, after vacuum forming, in which the picture has the image of people or animals or goods, but no plastic into three-dimensional effect, to obtain the better propaganda effect.