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            1, under the material. A product first to consider its profit, the next material is a key point. Full and comprehensive utilization of various remaining materials, in the case of not affecting the appearance of the product, practical function, as far as possible to the inventory of existing, fragmented materials used, do not waste.
            2, technical requirements. Should strengthen the product on its own or employees have a quality or performance requirements. In the production of products to refine the technical skills, or to have a technical idea of the exchange between colleagues, making the product better and better.
            3, improve efficiency. On the product technology, a skilled operation, to deal with the product manufacturing process to improve, so that the product, the efficiency of the increase.
            4, sorting inventory. To make arrangements for the order of the product, the quantity and quality of the product carefully counted.
            濟南燈箱制作 http://www.xubclan.com/ 的關鍵及技術改進的問題
            Key and technical improvement of Ji'nan light box production
            Several issues to be improved:
            1, the selection of bright LED lights, the light to achieve the most bright effect.
            2, choose a reflective film, highlights the network shape, the light guide plate even brighter.
            3, ballast with a little good.
            In summary, this series of measures and methods to make the product quality, efficiency, cost, and stability to achieve a satisfactory, the best state.