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            With the continuous development of science and technology, Ji'nan advertising characters in life has been widely used, however, not everything is as it is, Ji'nan advertising characters in the use of the process will often exist in environmental protection, Ji'nan advertising characters in energy saving and environmental protection of advanced technology, which is the main?
            1, brightness adjustment technology
            In order to adapt to different weather, so that the display to achieve the best display effect, LED electronic display specially designed for the 256 levels of brightness adjustment device, to ensure that the entire LED display in a variety of environments can achieve the best display effect.
            2, the special protection technology of environmental protection material
            Using environmentally friendly materials, after a special process, without the need to glue, it can be led display module to achieve both waterproof and dust, but also to prevent the UV radiation. Customers in the choice of display products, the need to clear their own requirements for the Ji'nan advertising characters, such as the application of products, environmental analysis, product expectations, comprehensive analysis of various reasons, to choose the right product.
            3, strong convection heat system
            濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 工作時屏體發出的熱量較高,為了保證整個顯示屏系統在穩定的狀態下運行,對顯示屏散熱系統進行的研究,有一套強對流的排熱系統。另外加上利用鋁的熱傳導效應,使散熱系統更加穩定可靠。
            In order to guarantee the whole display system running in stable condition, the thermal system of the display system is studied, and a series of strong convection heat system is carried out in Ji'nan. In addition to the use of aluminum heat conduction effect, so that the cooling system is more stable and reliable.
            4, constant current noise reduction technology
            Adopt international advanced ASIC System for LED display screen advertising characters in Jinan driver chip, the system in the field of LED full-color display dominate. Combined with the characteristics of the chip, the research on the characteristics of the constant current noise reduction technology to ensure the power supply and other noise sources to reduce the impact of the impact of the Ji'nan advertising.