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            To give the advertising characters in Ji'nan is advertising production company daily work requirements. Then how to do this work? Kang Mingda came to answer as follows:
            第一點:把字給雕刻好,亞克力板背雕。把雕刻之后的字用專業的工具打理干凈。不能讓雕刻的碎屑在濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 里面。這樣會影響效果。
            The first point: the word engraved, carved back acrylic plate. Use professional tools to clean up the carved words. Can not let the carving of debris inside the Ji'nan advertising. This will affect the results.
            The second point: ready to use tools, the need to use the tool with a needle cylinder, gloves, thinner, ink, automatic paint spraying, towels.
            The third point: began making ready for the needle cylinder, gloves, thinner, ink to blending well and need to used the needle cylinder, filled with ink of a good tune, painted, ink dry and then do not drop wool cloth to spare place to wipe clean, to use the automatic spray painting, first spray paint to disposable cups cool for a while drying can also be, paint too thin, not up to color. Good clothes can be filled with syringe needle punched in the vertical cut.
            So you can according to customer requirements, to produce a variety of colors of the Ji'nan advertising. Production of the time need to seriously, carefully, in the late processing to the attention of the excess paint to deal with. Give the customer a satisfactory work.