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            The most important part of Ji'nan is LED lamp light. There are three reasons:
            First, the LED luminous characters used in Ji'nan is the largest number of key devices, per square meter will be thousands to tens of LED use;
            Second, LED is the entire screen optical display performance evaluation subject, directly affect the audience on the screen;
            第三,LED在濟南發光字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 整體成本中所占比例最大,從30%至70%不等。
            Third, LED luminous characters in Ji'nan overall costs accounted for the largest proportion, ranging from 30% to 70%.
            How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of LED display lamp
            A: look at the solder joint. LED lamp LED lamp with the regular manufacturers with using SMT SMD technology, used in the production of solder paste and reflow process.
            Two: the quality of FPC. FPC deposited copper and rolled copper two, copper clad plate of copper foil is convex and scrutiny to from the pads and the FPC connection point out.
            Three: LED lamp belt surface cleanliness. If the LED light produced by SMT technology, the cleanliness of the surface is very good, can not see what the impurity and dirt.
            Four: read the chip and production process of LED lamp, with the eyes can not see out the difference, with the aging equipment and testing equipment if you put a few manufacturers of LED on aging instrument with high current aging for 24 hours or longer, you can go to the measurement of several manufacturers of the brightness of LED, see the LED light intensity attenuation is the smallest, lowest attenuation that quality is the best.