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            One, the individual character or radical plastic finished side of the screw, Jinan advertising characters is divided into two parts, the bottom plate and the panel.
            Second, the bottom panel of the surface to avoid led drilling hole position is fixed by the screw to install wall on, installed according to the design of plate and fixed thread on each word.
            三、在整排濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 的上方或下方排一紅一綠的兩條主線(2.5的銅芯電線),然后將每個獨立的吸塑字或吸塑筆畫的線頭,按紅接紅,綠接綠進行并聯連接,然后將總線的紅綠線對應接入變壓轉換器。
            , above or below the whole row of Jinan advertising characters in row one red and one green are the two main lines (2.5 of copper wire), and then the thread on each independent plastic or plastic strokes, by red connected with the red, green pick green connected in parallel, then bus of the red and green lines corresponding to access the voltage converter.
            Four, and then the (AC) region of the L, N access to the 220V power supply (2.5 of copper core wires), such as the installation position is low, the best grounding wire.
            The five line, all connected to electricity, such as LED does not light, LED will be the main line of the red position can be exchanged.
            Six. Finally, the panel will be tightened. Louis Gaiden teaches you everything.
            Ji'nan advertising characters note:
            1, not every word ends directly to the 220V power supply, otherwise LED lamps are discarded.
            2, before the installation can be used a word according to the correct method test, and then all the installation.
            3, please use waterproof tape wrapped joints, transformer should be placed in the rain area and good ventilation and heat dissipation.