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            在使用燈布噴繪時,長度會變短,這應該說是一個客觀事實。因為燈布有一定的厚度及凹凸度,所以實際量出的長度比壓輪走過的長度短。所以在使用燈布噴繪時,長度可人為放長一點,基本上按150:2的比例放長,即1&#46;5米放長2cm,如3米即放長4cm,達3&#46;04米。 2&#46; 戶外的噴繪廣告放了幾個月,膜產生了氣泡,變皺或剝落等一些情況。造成這一現象主要有兩方面原因一方面有可能是護膜過程壓力太小,但主要原因是護膜的質量(韌度、厚度、是速粘膠還是連續膠等),市場上膜的質量參差不齊,用戶在購買時,一定要慎重,不要因為護膜的質量而引發許多糾紛。

            In the use of light cloth printing, length will be shorter, it should be said is a fact. Because the light cloth has a certain thickness and smoothness, so the actual amount of the length ratio of the wheel through the short length. So in the use of light cloth printing, the length can be put a little long, basically according to the proportion of 150:2 long, 1&#46; 5 meters long 2cm, such as 3 meters long 4cm, 3&#46 up to 04 meters. 2&#46; outdoor advertising is put in a few months, the film had a bubble, wrinkled or peeling off some of the situation. The cause of this phenomenon, there are two main reasons: on the one hand may be the film process pressure is too small, but the main reason is the quality of the film (toughness, thickness, speed or continuous viscose glue), the uneven film quality on the market, the user at the time of purchase, must be careful, not because the film quality and cause many disputes.


            Users reflect, PC machine can not open the customers; (apple machine picture), thus unable to take the business, have a special software -- "Macopen" (open, so that both Apple Apple) or PC format can easily open.


            With the outdoor coating gum film do advertising or in the local painting box production, must be around the edge water treatment (with glue, liquid film, waterproof paint and wax for edge processing), to prevent warping (membrane and film).


            Ji'nan Beijiao advertising characters material, surface coating for waterproof super fine three stacks, super white and delicate, the coating gap at fixed intervals, can be firmly locked so that the ink, delicate color, improve the color saturation, the Korean Beijiao technology, super glue, ensure that the long-term storage, its unique properties with time. The viscosity gradually increased to make posting more convenient.


            The development of indoor back gummed paper ink pigment system based on Amitsu, the surface is exquisite, can effectively waterproof, not only can be used to dye ink, pigment ink and excellent surface, outdoor or short-term storage.


            Oily ink adaptation is mainly based on the light box cloth, coated fabrics, waterproof coating strong anti stretch of outdoor, can be used for a long time