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            The damage caused by the fake ink to Jinan punching word printers is very serious, often leads to nozzle clogging and other serious problems. Although the price of cheap fake ink, but can not guarantee that the ink technology, not to mention the printing effect. Especially those not what brand, what type of machine are applicable, and very cheap ink, do not buy.


            Life can use very simple methods to identify Jinan punching word printer ink quality is good or bad, can use a root match sticks in the compatible ink soaked, uninterrupted in paper marking, draw the line is fine, no break, the deeper the color of the ink, the better the quality.

            也可以采用實際打印檢驗的方法來分辨墨水質量好壞,先將墨水按要求加入空墨盒(墨盒電極必須是好的)。 然后將加好墨水的墨盒裝機進行噴墨清洗,看自檢打印是否正常(如果自檢都通不過,就要立即清洗掉不合適的墨水,換墨)。

            Can also be used in the actual print inspection method to distinguish the quality of ink, the first ink according to the requirements to join the empty cartridges (cartridges electrode must is good). Then add the ink cartridges installed ink jet cleaning, print a self-test is normal (if the self-test through, however, will be immediately washed inappropriate ink, ink change).

            接下來用WORD進行排版,設定各種0號字體的后背景并“加網”。 最后用LQ模式/HQ打印方式在紙上進行打印試驗,好的墨水應該沒有缺筆斷畫及偏色等問題。

            The WORD layout, after setting all 0 font and screen "". Finally, using the LQ model /HQ printing on paper for printing test, there should be no lack of good ink pen off painting and color etc..