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            1. 順偏特性:當直流電有了足夠的正電壓的時候,LED的電流就快速的上升,而這個通入的電流就稱為「順偏電流」,而LED兩端的電壓就被稱為「順偏電壓」。若電壓的范圍忽高忽低即表示質量異常,而通常波長越短的LED其電壓會越高。

            1. Shun partial characteristics: when there are enough positive voltage in DC, led to the current rapid rise, and the pass into the current is called "Shun bias current, and the voltage at both ends of the LED is called" bias ". If the range of the voltage is high and the voltage is abnormally high, the LED of the shorter wavelength is higher.

            2. 逆偏特性:顧名思義就是給予LED負的電壓,也稱為「漏電壓」,一般而言,不同的濟南廣告大字材料會各自有其合理的電壓值,而造成逆電壓特性不良的原因是靜電放電,這個特性也可以用來評估此LED的質量。

            2. The inverse partial characteristics: as the name suggests is to give such a negative voltage, also known as the "drain voltage", in general, different Jinan advertising characters materials will each have its reasonable voltage value, resulting in inverse voltage undesirable properties due to electrostatic discharge, this feature can also be used to evaluate the quality of the LED.

            3. 閘流體效應:LED的主要材料是pn接面,而閘流體是電子電力常用的控制組件,當它的厚度不均勻的時候就會有pn層面交錯的情形產生,此時的電壓差就會有很大的差異,這就是「閘流體效應」,而若電壓差太大的話就顯示此產品的質量不太好,所以這也可以用來衡量LED的質量。

            3. Brake fluid effect: led the main material is PN junction, and brake fluid is power electronic common control components, when its thickness is not uniform when there will be interleaved PN level. At this time of the voltage difference will have great differences, this is the "brake fluid effect", and when the voltage difference too big shows the quality of this product is not very good, so it can also be used to measure such quality.

            4. 產生光譜:藉由外在環境的能量提供而使得LED含有的元素產生了能階的轉移,正因為吸收能量而使的能階提升到激發態(能量較高的能階),往往反應都會趨向能量較低的地方跑,所以它就回到了基態能階,而吸收的能量就轉換為光子,能量也正好落在可見光區,使得肉眼可以看的到,而產生光譜。

            4. A spectrum: by the energy of the external environment to provide the LEDs contain elements can order the transfer, because of energy absorption and make to order up to (higher energy level) of excited state often reaction tends to lower energy place to run, so it went back into the ground state energy order, energy absorption and conversion for the photon energy falls in the range of visible light, to the naked eye can see, arising from the spectra.

            5. 光指向性:LED為光源之一種,所以就有發光光束的方向-即空間中各角度的相對強度值。

            5 light directional: LED is one of the light source, so there is the direction of the light beam - that is, the relative intensity of each angle in the space.