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            One, sketch creation

            根據企業具體情況,進行標識草圖創作階段。濟南燈箱的草圖是把創作思維活動更具體化的一個重要階段,根據標識設計的識別性、傳達性、審美性、適應性、時代性等原則,進行創意與發揮。標識設計草圖最好從具象表現、抽象表現、文字 表現、綜合表現等各種思路中畫出大量草圖,然后從中篩選、深化,不要將自己的設計思路局限于某一種表現技法中。在標識草圖階段還是強調用手繪來表現設計思路,因為腦和手是聯系在一起的,他們之間的默契是任何東西不能取代的,而且用手繪的線條是有情感的,可以隨心所欲。過早使用電腦畫草圖會導致呆板、形態僵化,思路限制的弊病。

            According to the enterprise specific situation, the creative stage of the identification sketch. Jinan light sketch is to an important stage of the creative thinking activities more specific, according to design a logo recognition, communication principle, aesthetic, adaptability, and times, be creative and play. Logo design sketches best from Figurative Expressionism, abstract, text, such as on the overall performance of various ideas draw a lot of sketches, then filter, deepening, not to their design ideas is limited in a certain performance techniques. In sketch identification stage still emphasize by hand to express design ideas, because the brain and hand is linked together, the tacit understanding between them is anything can not be replaced, and hand drawn lines is the emotion of, can be arbitrary. The premature use of computer sketches can lead to stiff, rigid, and thinking limits..


            Two, deepen stage


            From a large number of identification of the draft of the draft of three to five more complete satisfaction, and then solicit opinions and make further adjustments and improve. From the integrity of the graphics, the relationship between black and white, length and width proportion, fine lines, amplification of local inspection, reduced visual contrast effect, repeatedly weighed, one or two the best scheme is finally determined.


            Three, color application


            According to the actual situation of the design, to Jinan light box determine the design scheme of the black-and-white proofs for application of color, generally using monochromatic, also can use color, but generally not more than three colors or more. Because the identification of the color is also an enterprise or a commodity standard color and image color, must pay attention to the color purity and color, the application of color is to directly reflect the business and commercial properties, but also a unique identification.


            Four, the draft production


            The details in the future to determine the application of color must be making standard drawings, to correct the detailed dimensions and data, the proportion of the shape of the part, the center and the radius of curvature, the check and the connection and curvature and all kinds of graphics, careful scrutiny, carefully review, to ensure that the logo in use of different accuracy and consistency.


            Five, visual adjustment


            Jinan light box after, with professional designers intuition, finally the logo graphic visual adjustment is also very important to in order to obtain the visual harmony and contrast, makes the identification more precise, more perfect.