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            First, although without the use of fluorescent powder, can be prepared in different colors red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and so on the Jinan advertising characters, but due to the different color LED luminous efficiency of the difference is very big, the fluorescent powder, you can use the advantages of some band led luminous efficiency for the preparation of other bands led, in order to improve the luminous efficiency of the band. For example some green band led efficiency is low, Taiwan manufacturers use our fluorescent powder prepared a kind of high efficiency, are referred to as "apple green" led for mobile phone backlight, and achieved good economic benefit.

            其次,濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 的發光波長現在還很難精確控制,因而會造成有些波長的LED得不到應用而出現浪費,例如需要制備470nm的LED時,可能制備出來的是從455nm到480nm范圍很寬的LED,發光波長在兩端的LED只能以較低廉的價格處理掉或者廢棄,而采用熒光粉可以將這些所謂的"廢品"轉化成我們所需要的顏色而得到利用。

            Secondly, advertising characters in Jinan emission wavelength now is still difficult to precisely control, which will cause some wavelength led to application and waste, such as the need for preparation of 470 nm LED may prepared is from 455 nm to 480 nm in a wide range of LED, the emission wavelength at both ends of the LED only to lower the price of disposed of or abandoned, and the fluorescent powder can be these so-called "waste" into the color we need and use.


            Third, after the use of fluorescent powder and some Jinan advertising characters of light color will become softer or bright, to meet different application needs. , of course, fluorescent powder in Jinan advertising characters on the most widely used or in the field of white light, but because of its special advantages, in the LED color can also get a certain application, but the application of fluorescent powder in the LED color is still in its infancy and need to further in-depth research and development.