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            Ji'nan luminous characters currently used for civilian device level, the service life is not more than 8 years. As the function of the display is to watch, when the screen is lit only in the evening to see clearly when it is qualified, with the use of value.


            The technical data issued by Ji'nan light emitting word indicate that the lifetime of the LED emitter is 100000 hours in the ideal state. Ideal state means the time when the LED emitter is from the emission to the complete non luminous in the laboratory, and the time of 100000 hours is 11 years.

            一、 遵守國標

            One, comply with GB


            General specification for LED display for the 1995 ministerial standard. So far, there are many companies known as in line with national standards, in the development of science and technology for 8 years after the standard is not the standard. For example a point out of control, the national standard for the 3/10000, with Phi 3.75 indoor dual color display case. Generally do 640x480 standard resolution display is 7 square meters, 43264 points per square meter, according to the national standard can have 90 points out of control. Such a display today who also pay.

            二、 軟件全免費

            Two, the software free

            濟南發光字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 普遍存在著中國企業的通病——只生產不研發。目前只有少數企業擁有正版的軟件?,F在使用盜版是違法的。

            Ji'nan luminous word widespread common problem of Chinese Enterprises - no research and development. Only a few of the enterprises have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy now..

            三、 價格低廉

            Three, low prices


            To see the performance price rather than simply look at the price.

            四、 灰度等級

            Four gray level

            作為雙基色和全彩色顯示屏的灰度是一個重要指標。目前市場上充斥著許多1 6級和64級灰度的顯示屏冒充256級灰度。其控制成本只有256級灰度的控制的1/5。最簡單的方法是播放一個比較激烈的運動場面的VCD查看led顯示屏上是否能夠看清楚。

            As the gray double color and full color display is one of the important indexes. The current market is flooded with many 16 levels and 64 gray level of the screen posing as 256 gray level. Its control costs only 256 levels of gray level control of the 1/5. The easiest way is to play a more intense sports scene VCD to see whether the LED can see clearly.

            五、 要買就要最好的

            Five, to buy the best


            All purchasing power comes from the need, meet the need and have a certain lead. The blind pursuit will waste a lot of money to buy the functions you don't need.