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            1 big picture: many advertisement media for indoor or small range of communication, a smaller format. Ji'nan light through the door, the bulletin (Xuan Chuan) bar, pole light box display advertisements in the form of painting. And other print ads illustrations, large fonts are also very compelling.

            2.遠視強:濟南燈箱 http://www.xubclan.com/ 廣告的功能,是通過自然光(白天)、輔助光(夜晚)兩種形式,向戶外的人們、遠距離的人們傳達信息。廣告作品的遠視效果強烈,極利于現代社會的快節奏、高效率、來去匆忙的人們在遠距離刻意關注。

            Hyperopia: Jinan advertising light boxes, through natural light (daytime), auxiliary light (night) of the two kinds of forms, people to people's outdoor, long-distance conveying information. Advertising works of hyperopia effect of strong, very beneficial to the fast pace of modern society, high efficiency, and rush of people at a distance of deliberate attention.


            3. The contents of the wide: in public traffic, transportation, safety, welfare, savings, insurance, tax, and so on aspect; in business class product, business, tourism, services, etc.; in the cultural and educational culture, education, art, plays a greater role.


            4. Both: display a variety of forms, with text and color features, from the product trademark, name of commodity, real photos, color, corporate intention to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, ideas, containing all encompassing. Through the idea and unique creative, closely to the consumer to buy the "ring" to the visual communication heterogeneity, to achieve the purpose of advertising.


            5 the fixed and complexity: the Ji'nan light box no matter what form, have its in a certain range, position fixed requirements. As a semi permanent display device, its basic structure is more complex than other advertising forms.. Including framework, cladding materials, the pattern printing layer, wind, anti rain and snow structure, and night as lighting lighting facilities, making the single copy costs more than other types of advertising.