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            標牌創新 濟南廣告大字迎機遇

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            With the explosive growth of the market demand for large screen display industry heat. DLP, led, LCD rear projection screen technology driven innovation continues to shift, sign a new round of upsurge of competition. The fierce competition environment, but also led the display of technology itself product upgrades and market maturity upgrade.


            With the deepening of the process of continuous development of signs and the deepening of the market maturity, the demand for the LED screen for the commercial market has also emerged a new weather. The overall trend is that the application of the LED screen began to appear the classification refinement. The subdivision of the LED display market is further driven by the subdivision and evolution of the products.


            As is known to all, as a representative of the bright and large size display, LED display screen has almost outdoor display King status, is usually defined as installed in the large size of the external walls of buildings, the top of the column display products. However, the development of technology and the market requires that the innovation of the signage must be adapted to the new demand of diversified application.. Among them, the application of Digital Signage Industry is a force that can not be ignored.


            According to the authoritative research institutions, his company is expected, 2014 global digital signage market revenue will exceed $151 million, year-on-year growth of 6%. Among them, occupy the largest share of digital signage displays to 2018 will achieve more than $6 billion in revenue, for commercial display industry created a good opportunity for development.


            And LED display as the main carrier of outdoor media, currently occupy more than 60% of the market share, and its diversified applications are becoming the breakthrough LED enterprise. In the past by the LCD leading digital signage industry also launched a LED screen. LED display is applied to the store window, subway station, chain restaurants case growing.


            Compared with other display technologies, signs innovation continuously as a self luminous technology products, have the innate high brightness, low power consumption, long life, brilliant color and other advantages, compared with the liquid crystal display, in large size, special-shaped display is also much easier to implement and can fully meet the application field of fine process of complex display applications demand.


            The innovative development of the digital signage industry, the promotion of the display, and the innovative application of the signs of the field of diversification in the direction of the development of a high degree of overlap. With the rapid development of the global digital signage industry, LED display industry will also benefit from.