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            The traditional neon lights due to the disadvantages of high power consumption, failure rate and luminescence conversion rate is low, has gradually been out of the market, be the to replace with light-emitting high brightness, energy-saving and environmental protection and other advantages of Jinan punching word. At present, the LED has already entered the city lighting engineering, many signs of landscape, lighting engineering, nightscape lighting are beginning to use Jinan punching word the colored solid energy-saving new light source. Ji'nan piercing words need to improve the following:


            Extending the life of the system driven plate


            Currently there is no domestic manufacturers give a specific LED lamp life, propaganda just mentioned LED lamp wick life of 1 00000 hours, but led the life bottleneck in the system driver board, finally led lampwick did not damage the system driving but burn out. This also needs to be resolved as soon as possible.


            Increase the cooling capacity of the wick


            The Ji'nan heat punching word is poor is bound to bring It is evident to anyone, wick life problems. So the heat of the LED light design depends on scientific and technical personnel to upgrade. This is also to go through a certain process.


            Reduce the weight of LED light


            Screw interface lamp led the weight of the lamp holder is a very severe test, beyond the bearing weight is very dangerous, this is worth consider businesses.


            Reduce the cost of the Ji'nan hole punching, lower the price of the product


            Reduce costs, the price will be civilians, Ji'nan will be faster to punch the word into the majority of people's home. Of course the quality must be guaranteed. Ji'nan punching word logo low carbon environmental protection, low price, long life, technology and art combined, to bring social and economic benefits of the city, outdoor advertising will be better tomorrow!