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            注意吸塵器吸管口上不能有毛刺,以免在抽吸過程中劃傷噴頭。 噴頭最怕的是干燥只要你想辦法不要讓噴頭干燥。用好的方法保護好噴頭 是不會堵頭的 。墨水的不好使用主要表現在出墨不暢、糊頭(表現為找在畫面上出現V字形) 。濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 色彩不亮發灰,褪色快等等

            Note that the suction nozzle can not have a burr, so as not to scratch the nozzle in the process of suction. The most afraid of the nozzle is dry as long as you want to do not let the nozzle dry. Good method to protect the good nozzle is not blocked. Ink is not good use of the main performance in the ink is not smooth, paste the head (performance for the appearance of the V font). Ji'nan advertising character color is not bright hair gray, fade quickly, etc.


            (7) the ink viscosity is too high, the ink viscosity is too high will cause the ink in the ink in the ink, resulting in insufficient supply of ink, ink, color, color. Especially in winter, the temperature is low, this phenomenon is more prominent.


            Solution: to improve the indoor temperature (such as open air conditioning, with the dryer, electric heater, etc.), so that the viscosity of ink. Or use of a low viscosity ink.


            (8) ink viscosity is too low, the ink viscosity is too low, ink too diluted, ink-jet speed, ink jet to light cloth will reflected back to the applicator, causing stasis ink in the nozzle, nozzle clogging. The phenomenon of long time spraying of the same color is more prominent.


            Solution: use professional cotton swab stick cleaning fluid to scrub the shower nozzle. To solve this problem, we should change the viscosity of high ink.