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            Jinan punching word production need tools: 30W or 40W soldering iron, argon arc welding machine, needle nose pliers, scissors, pliers, curve saw, electric drill, glue gun, screwdriver, etc., and almost do electronic boxes like. Of course method is similar to the.


            Making second, Jinan punching word need material: iron general by the 08 or 1.0 specific character size and customer requirements, LED lamp lights on and lights group monochrome colorful, glass glue, adhesive tape, resistance wire, solder, led special power supply.


            Third, led exposed light-emitting word Jinan punching word production: saw the outline of the word in the tin plate, of course, you have to write a font. Fixed to the appropriate position, the thin iron sheets can be used iron scissors, to look good or thick with engraving machine, and plasma cutting, laser cutting, wire cutting, such as. Using electric drill: 5MM or 9MM colorful lamps for general 12MM, can also be used directly punching punching equipment, convenient and quick. On the market also has a perforated plate sell, spacing to make installation height and production cost according to the signs, the general led center to center spacing: 10 - 30mm spacing is smaller, the better, the higher the cost.

            濟南沖孔字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 應用多的原因:

            Reasons for the application of more than Ji'nan punching:

            原因一:防水,節能、安全:眾如周知,濟南沖孔字的功率小,耗電量低。由于輸出電壓低,因而更加安全。由于我們應用的濟南沖孔字光源是防水的,因此,在下雨等天氣里可正常使用,而不用去擔心會燒壞。 雖然說LED燈是很少會壞的,但是如果遇到線的接觸不良或者特殊情況壞了,需要去維修,這種LED外露字只需要高空吊人到廣告牌壞的位置將壞的燈從正面拉出換完即可。

            One reason: waterproof, such as: public security, information, power Ji'nan punching word of small, low power consumption. Because the output voltage is low, so it is more secure. Because we apply the Jinan punching word light source is waterproof. Therefore, in the rain and other weather can normal use, and no need to worry will burn. Although the LED lamp is rarely a bad, but if you encounter a line contact undesirable or special situation bad and need to repair, the LED exposed words only needs high hanging to billboard bad position would be bad for the light from the front out of the change can be finished.


            Two reasons: not subject to size constraints: Generally speaking, such plastic luminous characters by blister machine restrictions. Characters many need to splice, so loss of beautiful, exposed words characters generally by plasma cutting bending into, and thus not subject to machine the size limit. Not mosaic, more beautiful. From the limits of the color of the word: General luminous characters is limited by the organic plate, such as red plastic, generally placed inside and red light source, sends out is red and exposed luminous characters, otherwise, you can roast words into various colors of paint, night you need what color lights lit what color lamp, from word base effect and characters due to high off the ground. During the day, LED exposure lamp is not obvious.