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            1, Ji'nan advertising characters set the outstanding features first, don't put it as decorations;


            2, Ji'nan advertising characters is to see the stranger, so the designer, the establishment of the people should be personally felt in a strange environment of the psychological;


            3, in addition to individual cases, the vast majority of Ji'nan advertising characters should guide and do not refer to the place. What is ahead? You think the front is actually difficult to count the number of places;


            4, can use the code, the symbol is no text, but the premise is clear;

            5、濟南廣告大字 http://www.xubclan.com/ 設立地點需科學選址,不能藏在樹叢里、廣告牌里,或路名牌在路口100米以外,想想如果你在與它相垂直的道路上行車怎么看得見?看不見還設它干什么呢?

            5, advertising characters in Jinan set up at the venue for scientific location, can't hide in the bushes, billboards, or famous Road intersection 100 meters away, think about if you on the road and it is vertical to the driving how to see? Can't see what it does?


            6, Ji'nan advertising characters set to strictly comply with the regulations and standards, there is no standard specification should also pay attention to the standardization, pay attention to comply with people's behavior, in line with international standards;


            7, pay attention to the cultivation of professional talents, improve the design and production and engineering construction of the professional level;


            8, pay attention to the introduction of traffic engineering, human factors engineering, physiology, psychology and behavioral science in Ji'nan advertising design;


            9 major cities do not only pay attention to build highways, interchange, should spend some money, the standardization, the gradual replacement of non-standard signage, this thing can play the effect of sometimes than we build the road also come effective.